Thursday, October 14, 2010

I moved

Hey guys,
It skipped my mind to inform u that i publish my new posts on another blog..
Had forgotten to inform u on that "minute" detail; my bad. the link is below.enjoy

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

SOS to Aphrodite

Didnt know that this cake that I partake
could cause my head so much ache,
Or is it just my heart that threatens to break?

Longing for day break that the path may become clear
but my soul's darkness is just getting more severe,
I dont know for how long I my heart can persevere.

Aphrodite where is thy bossom that i once embraced?
How could i have fallen so far from your grace?
Make haste,coz u have left my heart between a rock and a place

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Boda Bodas are a real pain in my backside-quite literally
These miniature monsters are ridden with no regard for the passengers’ like myself who haven’t got a humongous bum (like women from a certain part of the country) to cushion the many pot holes; by the time the ride is through, am normally stretching and checking whether all my faculties are intact as per prior to the ride…

Many people complain that boda bodas are too fast n reckless, but I think such people only complain coz they are jealousy of the nimbleness with which they cut through the traffic like a knife through butter. Imagine seated in an obscene traffic jam in kla’s heat without air-con for an hour,and this fellow flashes past u, dodging every car and fly in his way with the agility of the wind, reaches his destination 5kms away n flashes past again in, headed in the opposite direction. Yet ur car has moved only 10meters during that duration(even these 10meters are an illusion coz the sun is deep frying ur brains in ur aluminium tin and playing tricks on u)

(As a By-the-way, I love the sight of a hot chick seated on a boda boda; am not talking about the “lady” way of seating, but rather “guy” way of seating…for some reason it sends some weird signals to the wicked parts of my anatomy)

Back to the issue at hand.U can imagine my disgust one day,when I decide to beat the traffic by jumping onto a boda boda in the hope of getting to my destination quickly-plus some adrenaline rush for good measure-when the fellow refused to be reckless. Of all the bums I could have got, I chanced upon a wussy. The guy didn’t bother to wiggle round the cars, but chose to keep in line, behind them.I really wanted to to knock the stuffing out of him.
“The reason am on this cursed thing of yours is that ur meant to get me to my destination fast n furious, disregarding every traffic rule u ever learnt and the safety of your already miserable life never mind of your passenger”, I thought.
And it’s because of the unpredictability of these guys that I swear not to take another baja in my life…
..Damn got a date n am late..Ok scrap my previous statement, need to get a baja before my date cancels…later

Friday, March 13, 2009


Ring! Ring! goes your TELEPHONE
You know that its me,but u act unbeknown.
Beep!Beep! goes your TELEPHONE
You read my text,it makes u blush,but your still aloof as the ozone.

Many times i Ring!Ring! your TELEPHONE
But its like getting blood from a stone.
Many times i Beep!Beep! your TELEPHONE
But u just thought me as a spare cologne.

Ring! Ring! goes my TELEPHONE
I know that its u,but i hold my own.
Beep!Beep! goes my TELEPHONE,
I read your text,it makes me gloat,coz i know am more wanted than the rolling stone.

U now wish for my Ring!Ring! on your TELEPHONE,
As u have now realised u cant go it alone.
U now wish for my Beep!Beep! on your TELEPHONE
Coz its contents had the melody of a xylophone.

Wish u had picked your TELEPHONE,
Before my heart had became as cold as a headstone...

And now you are left to moan, with your pathetic TELEPHONE,
Because am already gone

Thursday, February 19, 2009


A friend of mine once observed-out loud- that most of my female friends fall in the category of "pretty"(emphasis on the quotes);and that i discriminate on looks...
Naturally i wanted to deny and go on the defensive,but the evidence pinned me...
So, as I usually do when am cornered, i conjured up a witty statement to bail my sorry behind with..
"I just love the finer things in life;unlike u,am debonair"


I don't do it consciously,so spare me the crap of dont judge a book by its cover....(what a cliche)
btw could I be cacophobic (fear of ugliness)?